CNN's  and Elliana Hebert are reporting on powerful winter weather in Californa. 

California is experiencing a severe winter storm, predicted to be the most substantial snowfall event of the year, with up to 12 feet of snow anticipated in mountain areas alongside blizzard conditions and wind gusts surpassing 100 mph. The storm, which has already deposited nearly two feet of snow in some regions, is expected to significantly impact travel, leading to potential long-lasting disruptions, especially in the Sierra Nevada through the weekend. Yosemite National Park has been closed due to the hazardous conditions, and travel across the Sierra is deemed "extremely dangerous to impossible." The heavy snowfall is a welcome boost to the state's water supply and could help diminish the snowpack deficit in the Sierra Nevada, essential for the region's water resources. The intense storm is forecasted to ease by Sunday, but another, albeit less severe, system is on its heels, threatening more snow and wind into the following week.

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Source: CNN

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