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Our Values

Ursa Nova values high-quality standards that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As a result, Our Brands are evaluated by their ability to fall within these following mission driven standards:

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The Polar Bear Blog

New Brand Partner Annoucement - Opok!!

We are so excited to annouce that Opok has joined our marketplace at Ursa Nova! Here is a little bit...

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CNBC: Nest smart thermostat co-founder is back with a new device for the home, focused on food

CNBC's Barbara Collins is reporting that Matt Rogers, Google Nest smart thermostat co-founder, is back with a new device for...

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Today in Climate Tech: NASA Issues Award for Greener, More Fuel-Efficient Airliner of Future

Repost from NASA: NASA Issues Award for Greener, More Fuel-Efficient Airliner of Future NASA's Rob Margetta has announced that on Wednesday, NASA...

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Good News: CNBC: The Earth’s Ozone Layer is Slowly Recovering, UN Report Finds

Good News!! CNBC's Emma Newburger is reporting that a new report states Earth's ozone layer is slowly recovering from damange. ...

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