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Ursa Nova values high-quality standards that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. As a result, Our Brands are evaluated by their ability to fall within these following mission driven standards:

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The Polar Bear Blog

Ursa Nova's Tips For Shopping Sustainabilty This Black Friday

Shopping sustainably on Black Friday requires a thoughtful approach that balances the excitement of finding deals with the importance of...

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Sustainable Thanksgiving: Tips for a Greener Holiday from Ursa Nova

Celebrating a Sustainable Thanksgiving: Tips for a Greener Holiday from Ursa NovaThanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, and feasting...

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Business - Grist: What happens when solar panels wear out?

Grist's Izzy Ross reporting on the end use of solar panels. The article discusses the growing concern about the disposal and...

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Business - Canary Media: We need green hydrogen to clean up heavy industry. Who’s making it?

Canary Media's Julian Spector is reporting on green hydrogen. The article highlights the urgent need for green hydrogen to decarbonize heavy industries...

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