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Ursa Nova - Risk - Axios: "Catastrophic" flash flooding pummels Miami, Fort Lauderdale

Axios's Sommer Brugal and Andrew Freedman are reporting on the extreme flash flooding in Miami. Heavy rain has caused significant flooding in...

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Ursa Nova - Business - Morning Brew: How new clean-energy tech can help eliminate steel-industry emissions

Morning Brew's Jordyn Grzelewski is reporting on clean technology in the steel industry. New clean-energy technologies are being developed to drastically reduce emissions...

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Ursa Nova - Risk - CNBC: Temperatures in India hover at record highs as heatwave grips the country

CNBC's Sophie Kiderlin is reporting on the massive heatwaves hitting India.India's capital, Delhi, is experiencing near-record temperatures as a severe heatwave grips the...

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Ursa Nova - Risk - CNN: Dozens killed by extreme heat in India as polls close in world’s largest election

CNN's Esha Mitra is reporting on the massive heatwaves hitting India.India is currently experiencing an extreme heatwave that has led to the deaths...

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