The Guardian's Victoria Namkung  reporting on Brands making a real impact on the planet!

The article discusses the growing trend of upcycled food, a movement aimed at reducing food waste by transforming surplus or byproduct foods into high-quality products. With nearly 40% of food in the US going unsold or uneaten, companies like Renewal Mill and Climate Candy are finding innovative ways to utilize these resources, such as turning leftover pulp from juice shops into nutritious chips. This not only addresses the environmental impact of food waste, which contributes significantly to methane emissions in landfills, but also offers a solution to enhance food supply sustainability. The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) supports this movement by certifying products that use ingredients which would otherwise not go to human consumption. Despite the challenge of food waste being a complex issue with waste occurring at every level from residential to retail, the rise of upcycled food companies represents a promising step towards educating consumers and reducing waste. Policy initiatives, education, and collective action are still needed for a comprehensive approach to significantly diminish food waste.

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Source: The Guardian

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