Ursa Nova emphasizes high-quality standards that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

We value Progress over Perfection and want to lead the charge towards a better world with the carrot and not the stick.

We understand that building a sustainble product is more expensive, time consuming and tougher than the mainstream, mass and synthetic products we see on the market today.

As a result, our brand partners are evaluated by their ability to fall within just one of these 8 mission-driven standards: 

  • Recycled Materials: Products made from already existing materials, sustainable fabrics, metals or fibers, sustainable wools, upcycled or repurposed materials etc.

  • Health & Wellness: Products that are health conscious and improve the mind and body, whether that be through fitness, nutrition or mental or sexual wellness

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free: Products are manufactured or developed with methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

  • Sustainability: Products that are cleanly and organically produced without harmful chemicals like BHA and inflict minimal or no harm on the natural environment. Companies that use recycled packaging or compostable packaging. 

  • Fair Trade: Products are produced with fair-trade practices that promote safe working environments, wages, and/or labor practices.

  • Zero or Low Waste: Products are created with minimal waste and energy usage.

  • Philanthropy: Proceeds or benefits from products are given directly back to communities and to support groups and social efforts.

  • Carbon footprint: Products are made with offsetting carbon practices, such as credits and capturing, that contribute to a brand's overall sustainability.