CNN's Joe Sutton, Steve Almasy, Holly Yan, Robert Shackelford and David Williams are reporting on the Texas wildfires. 

The Smokehouse Creek Fire has become the largest wildfire in Texas history, burning over 1 million acres in the state and extending into Oklahoma, where it has charred an additional 31,500 acres. This catastrophic event is part of a series of wildfires in the Texas Panhandle, with no immediate end in sight despite recent light precipitation. The fires have resulted in the deaths of at least two individuals, significant power outages, the destruction of homes and livestock, and extensive damage to local ecosystems and economies. The blaze, which has also consumed a historic ranch, wildlife management areas, and prompted emergency responses and relief efforts, is fueled by dry conditions and strong winds, challenging firefighting efforts despite the deployment of additional resources and personnel. 

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Source: CNN

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