Welcome to Our Mission. We partner with brands that exclusively demonstrate the high-quality standards we set that promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

If you have a health conscious or sustainable product, we would love to partner with you! Once selected, you can easily sell your products on our platform. Furthermore, feel at ease knowing that your proceeds will benefit the build a better world as 2% of our quarterly profits go towards healthcare and environmental causes!

Brands are evaluated by their ability to fall within these following mission driven standards:

Recycled Materials: Products made from already existing materials, sustainable fabrics, metals or fibers, sustainable wools, upcycled or repurposed materials etc.

Health & Wellness: Products that are health conscious and improve the mind and body, whether that be through fitness, nutrition or mental or sexual wellness

Vegan and Cruelty Free: Products are manufactured or developed with methods that do not involve experimentation on animals.

Sustainability: Products that are cleanly and organically produced without harmful chemicals like BHA and inflict minimal or no harm on the natural environment.

Fair Trade: Companies that create a safe working environment for their teams and have a fair working wage, no child labor and reasonable working hour policies in place.

Zero or Low Waste: Sustainable production and shipping involves minimal or zero waste and water production.

Philanthropy: Brands that give back to the community or organizations and support the greater society as a whole.

Carbon footprint: Partnerships that use recycled packaging, offset carbon and compostable packaging.

There are many reasons to join Ursa Nova!  We provide a community of like-minded consumers a place to browse and purchase healthy and sustainable products and like yours. Signing up on Ursa Nova is also completely free and simple. There are no hidden fees, no subscription payments. Just upload your product and sell! Furthermore, 2% of profits generated by your brand goes towards philanthropic causes! 

Listing on Ursa Nova is always FREE! Our goals are 100% aligned with yours. We only get paid when you get paid!

No commitments! If you no longer wish to be a partner, just send us an email to terminate your account.

You’ll need a PayPal account so that we can pay you automatically.

Signing up is easy! Click the link and begin your adventure!