Ursa Nova is a mission forged from the horrors of the recent California wildfires and ocean pollution. These devastating tragedies served an alarming wakeup call for both our founders to the danger and urgency of climate change. 

About Us:

Like hundreds of thousands of our fellow Californians, Al was forced to evacuate from one of California's massive wildfires. The nightmare was forever seared into his memory and it was during those dark hours that he resolved to do something about it.

For Kevin, a passionate diver from California, his alarm at seeing the damage caused by warming oceans to magnificent coral reefs and ocean wildlife as well as dealing with plastic pollution he constantly found in the ocean drove him to start thinking about solutions to fix the planet. 

We serendipitously connected at a networking event and immediately decided to work together. 

After a year of brainstorming different ideas, we therefore decided to create a new platform that spoke to us as consumers and would solve our mutual pain points to make sustainable shopping easier for us, our family and our friends. 

Our Mission:

Ursa Nova is a one-stop marketplace with a growing array of sustainable products created by incredible brands and entrepreneurs worldwide. We are a mission to build the largest and greatest platform for sustainable shopping in the world.

Our Name:

Ursa Nova derives from a combination of Ursus Maritimus, the scientific name of the Polar Bear, the eternal symbol of climate change and Ursa Major, the home of the North Star and True North. We strongly believe that a brighter and sustainable future means it is time for an upgrade- a new True North.  

We thank you for your time and invite you to join us on our mission for a Better Planet & A Better You.