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Ursa Nova is a mission forged from the recent California wildfires. This devastating tragedy served as an alarming and much needed wakeup call to the dangers and urgency of climate change. For us, the impact was also personal. Like hundreds of thousands of our fellow Californians, we were forced to evacuate and watch in horror as property and lives went up in flames. The nightmare was forever seared into our memory and it was during those dark hours that we resolved to do something about it.

Just like many entrepreneurs, our journey took countless twists and turns. We chose to focus on creating everyday consumer products that were actually good for the planet. After a year of decision-making and uncertainty, we joined forces with like-minded entrepreneurs in our mission and created a one-stop marketplace that caters to the spectrum of eco-friendly goods – all in one convenient place.

Alongside our sustainability mission, we found it equally important to emphasize health & wellness and offer health conscious options for our customers as the deadly Coronavirus pandemic impacts our entire world. We value high quality nutrition, mental health and fitness in our personal lives and want to extend these options to you as well. 

We are a one-stop marketplace with a vast array of healthy and sustainable products made by mission-driven entrepreneurs worldwide. When you shop with us, we donate 2% of profits to philanthropies dedicated to health and environmental causes.

Ursa Nova derives from a combination of Ursus maritimus, the scientific name of the Polar Bear, the eternal symbol of climate change and Ursa Major, the home of the North Star and True North. We strongly believe that a brighter and healthier future means it is time for an upgrade- a new True North.  

We thank you for your time and invite you to join us on our mission for a better planet and a better you. Go Healthy. Go Green. Shop Ursa Nova. 


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