CBS's Li Cohen is reporting on the Texas wildfires. 

The Texas Panhandle is facing "extremely critical fire weather" as it contends with the aftermath of the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history, which has burned approximately 1.1 million acres and is 89% contained. Nearby, the Windy Deuce Fire has consumed over 144,000 acres and is 94% contained. Despite significant containment efforts, the risk of new, fast-spreading fires remains high due to dry conditions, strong wind gusts of up to 45 mph, and low humidity around 10 to 15%. The National Weather Service has issued warnings against outdoor activities that could spark flames, particularly in the southern Texas Panhandle. While the immediate fire weather risk is not expected to match the late February wildfires' intensity, officials urge caution to prevent further wildfires. A cold front expected to arrive soon may reduce the fire risk. The fires have had devastating effects on local communities and agriculture, with significant property and livestock losses reported.

Source: MSN / CBS

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Written by Ursa Nova

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