Hey everyone,

We have a super exciting new Brand on Ursa Nova for all you coffee lovers!

Welcome grounds to Ursa Nova! 

Here is a little bit about grounds and their awesome coffee products: 

grounds Mission: 

grounds is a specialty coffee brand, with the mission of bringing the best coffee into people's homes. Being transparent with our customers, and paying fair wages to our farmers is a necessity for them. Every blend is 100% traceable, fair trade, & smallholder grown. They've tasted coffee from smallholder farms from around the world to select their blends, which come in a unique recyclable can. These allow you to fully trace your beans’ roast profile, origin, contributors and more via a QR code.

Unique Coffee Experience: 

grounds seeks to create a unique experience that’s intuitive and exciting. They were frustrated by seeing the same boring coffee bags on the shelf and couldn’t easily find more information about the coffee they were drinking. grounds set out to change this, bringing a coffee can to market that they believe people are proud to display on their shelves and in their homes. They want to bring customers along for the journey from farm to cup.


grounds aims to be sustainable at every step of the journey from farm to doorstep! Their farmers and green coffee operations partners are carbon neutral. grounds coffee is packaged in a recyclable tin, and they encourage customers after use to recycle or up-cycle them when possible (so many fun ways to do this with their cans!) For their single-can shipments, their mailers are made from 100% recycled plastics! After use, these sustainable bubble mailers can be recycled where soft plastics are accepted.

We love grounds and we are super excited to have them on Ursa Nova! 


Check them out and get tomorrow's cup of coffee today! 

Written by Ursa Nova

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