Thomas Fuller and Soumya Karlamangla of The New York Times reportd on the earthquake near Ojai, California - which occured in the midst of SoCal's first tropical storm, Hilary, since 1939.

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake centered near Ojai, California, caused noticeable swaying in Los Angeles but did not result in significant damage or injuries. The earthquake, though felt over a wide area, was not powerful enough to cause serious harm and likely only caused minor cracking in walls. Officials reported no impacts from the quake, even in areas near the epicenter. The earthquake occurred amidst other emergencies, including a rare tropical storm and a wildfire near the Oregon border. While this earthquake was moderate, it pales in comparison to past California earthquakes like the 1994 Northridge quake and the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, which were much more powerful and caused significant destruction.

Source: The New York Times

(The article was written with assitance by ChatGPT)

Written by Ursa Nova

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