Tom Tapp from Deadline reported that Tropical Storm Hilary broke major rainfall records across SoCal in the first tropical storm since 1939. 

Tapp reported that the storm, which made landfall in Southern California, leading to heavy rainfall and flash floods across the region. Places like Los Angeles experienced flooding, power outages, and some debris flows, but there were no major injuries or structural damage reported. Other areas like Palm Springs and the eastern parts of Los Angeles were severely affected, with significant rain runoff causing road washouts and phone service outages. Due to the storm's potential damage overnight, the Los Angeles Unified School District decided to close all campuses.

This marked the first tropical storm warning ever issued for Southern California, and the storm itself was the first tropical storm to make landfall in California since 1939. Additionally, multiple entertainment venues closed, and a magnitude-5.1 earthquake centered in Ventura County rattled the region on the same day.

Source: Deadline

(This article was written with assistance from ChatGPT)

Written by Ursa Nova

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