CNBC's Diana Olick is reporting on eco-friendly toilet paper brands!

As the demand for toilet paper contributes to deforestation, particularly in Canadian forests, eco-conscious startups are innovating with sustainable alternatives. Companies like Whole Foods, Green Forest, Who Gives a Crap, and Reel Paper are leading this change by offering products such as bamboo-based toilet paper, which is more sustainable than traditional wood pulp. Bamboo, being a rapidly regenerating grass, offers a renewable resource that balances durability and softness. Consumer interest in environmentally friendly products is increasing, attracting investors to these startups, which are not only challenging conventional toilet paper giants but also exploring more sustainable production methods, such as local sourcing and carbon offsetting. This shift is part of a broader conversation about sustainable hygiene, including the debate on the eco-friendliness of bidets versus toilet paper in different environmental conditions.

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Source: CNBC

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