Christina Maxouris reports that parts of Arizona have seen 110-degree temperatures every day this July 2023 and the worst is yet to come. 

Arizona is experiencing a prolonged and intense heat wave, with temperatures in Phoenix reaching 110 degrees Fahrenheit every day this month.

This streak of high temperatures is the third longest in history, with the potential to break the record of 18 days set in 1974. Meteorologists predict that the heat wave will intensify over the weekend, with temperatures reaching a staggering 119 degrees in some areas. This extreme heat is not typical for the summer and poses serious risks, as heat stress can occur rapidly.

The soaring temperatures in Arizona are part of a global trend of record-breaking heat due to climate change, with 2023 potentially becoming the hottest year on record.

Across the United States, nearly 70% of Americans will experience temperatures at or above 90 degrees, and over 55 million people will face temperatures at or above 100 degrees. Excessive heat warnings are in effect in Arizona and the oppressive heat is expected to spread to California and Nevada, potentially breaking all-time high temperature records. In other parts of the country, including the Plains, Lower Mississippi Valley, and Southeast, heat and humidity will create heat indices exceeding 115 degrees.

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Source: CNN

Written by Ursa Nova

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