We are so excited to annouce that Opok has joined our marketplace at Ursa Nova!

Here is a little bit about them as told by the Founders of Opok themselves: 

Opok is a men's activewear brand made from GOTS-certified organic materials and organic dyes. Their main objective is to provide super soft and comfortable activewear that isn't made of toxic chemicals and pesticides, the way nature intended it to be. The clothing industry has become synonymous with synthetic chemicals and oil-based fabrics that are considered carcinogens and hormone disruptors. These chemicals are not only terrible for the environment but by wearing these materials, your body is continuously exposed to these toxins. These toxic chemicals for the most part do not wash out and continuously enter through your skin on contact.

The founders are retired professional athletes who were frustrated with the workout clothing market and how the industry was dominated by petrochemical materials. They decided to create their own brand in 2020 and sold out of their products multiple times. "People wear activewear clothing to workout, and in turn be healthier. Yet the majority of clothing materials are made from petrochemicals and contain high levels of toxins, says Janson Wigo, Co-founder of Opok. Opok looks, feels, and performs like your go-to workout brand, yet is mission-driven and truly sustainable. They donate a portion of their proceeds to saving the bees and coral reefs, two ecosystems that have been decimated by the clothing industry.

We love their mission and we are truly thrilled to welcome them as our newest Brand Partner on Ursa Nova!!
Written by Ursa Nova

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