VegNews's Anna Starostinetskaya is reporting that Climax Foods company has announed the first plant-based casein for developing vegan cheese!

Climax Foods, a California-based company, has used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to discover a plant-based source of casein, a protein responsible for key qualities in dairy products such as stretch, melt, and browning. This breakthrough could revolutionize the way cheese is produced and make vegan cheese more appealing to consumers.

Climax Foods aims to provide dairy-identical formulations at a molecular level using AI-enabled "precision formulation" without genetically engineering plants. The company's innovative approach has the potential to replace animal-derived foods in various applications. It is also partnering with traditional dairy companies, like Bel Group, to reformulate iconic cheese products using its technology.

The vegan cheese sector is undergoing significant advancements, with other companies also exploring methods to improve the texture and performance of plant-based cheeses.

Source: VegNews

(The article was written with assistance from ChatGPT)

Written by Ursa Nova

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