The FootPrint Coalition is reporting on a startup working on EV chargers. 

The British startup myenergi, known for creating the world's first solar-compatible EV charger called zappi in 2016, has raised £30 million ($36.43 million) to expand globally. This innovative charger not only uses solar power but also wind or grid power to charge electric vehicles (EVs), offering cost savings, environmental benefits, and backup power during extreme weather. The Department of Energy highlights the advantages of solar EV charging for the electricity grid and environmental health. Myenergi has also developed other eco-friendly home products, like the eddi power diverter, the harvi wireless energy monitoring system, and the libbi smart home battery. The company has established a presence in Europe and Australia, focusing on markets with high solar irradiation and interest in sustainable technologies. The new investment will support further growth and international expansion, enabling myenergi to contribute to the transition towards renewable energy and net-zero goals. The founders, Lee Sutton and Jordan Brompton, emphasize the importance of providing consumers with convenient, clean energy alternatives to foster energy independence and sustainability.

Source: The FootPrint Coalition

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Written by Ursa Nova

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