The FootPrint Coalition is reporting on alternative grid batteries. 

Inlyte Energy, a California-based startup, is developing a novel grid-scale battery technology using iron and table salt, aiming to make renewable energy storage more affordable and efficient. The company, which recently raised $8 million in a seed round, plans to create batteries that are less expensive, safer, and more durable than conventional lithium-ion batteries. These iron and salt batteries, which can operate in extreme temperatures, are particularly suited for regions with high temperatures, a critical feature as the planet warms. Inlyte's batteries boast a storage duration of 4-10 hours, aligning with grid-scale requirements, and have no fire risk, unlike lithium-ion sodium-nickel batteries. The startup is building on technology acquired from UK's Beta Research and aims to engage with pilot customers soon, with plans for a U.S.-based factory in the future. The development is seen as a crucial step in making renewable energy sources like wind and solar more viable by providing efficient, economical energy storage solutions.

Source: The FootPrint Coalition

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Written by Ursa Nova

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