NBC News is reporting Reuter's news on the partnership between Google and EDF. 

Google has partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund to launch MethaneSAT, a satellite aimed at detecting methane emissions from oil and gas operations globally. This initiative, involving multiple partners including the New Zealand Space Agency and Harvard University, aims to expose the sources of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, by mapping emissions detected from space. Set to launch next month, MethaneSAT's data will be processed by Google Cloud and integrated into a specialized map using artificial intelligence to identify oil and gas infrastructure components prone to leaks. The findings will be accessible through Google Earth Engine, targeting energy companies, researchers, and the public sector to help reduce methane emissions. This effort coincides with international commitments to minimize methane leaks, including pledges by major oil and gas operators at the COP28 climate summit and proposed U.S. regulations to address methane emissions.

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Source: NBC News


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Written by Ursa Nova

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