Morning Brew's Jordyn Grzelewski writing for Tech Brew is reporting on clean energy development in the United States accelerated by the IRA bill. 

In 2023, the United States experienced a significant surge in clean energy investments, with nearly 200 new projects announced, totaling almost $64 billion, as reported by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2), a nonpartisan business group. These projects, ranging from solar panel factories to renewable energy developments, are expected to create around 61,000 new jobs, primarily in the electric vehicle (EV) and manufacturing sectors. The increase in clean energy projects, including eight large-scale ones announced in December alone, is attributed to the positive impact of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other federal policies. This act, which came into effect in mid-2022, has since led to the announcement of 274 large-scale clean energy projects across 41 states and Puerto Rico, representing over 95,000 jobs and more than $110 billion in investment. Georgia and North Carolina were leading states in terms of project announcements and capital investment, respectively. The IRA's $500 billion federal spending aims to address climate change and boost domestic clean tech manufacturing. However, labor shortages in the clean energy sector may pose a challenge despite the influx of investments.

Source: Morning Brew

(This article was written with assistance from ChatGPT)

Written by Ursa Nova

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