Morning Brew's Jordyn Grzelewski writing for Tech Brew is reporting on EV charging technology. 

Beam Global, a clean tech company based in San Diego, is making significant strides in the EV charging industry with its off-grid, solar-powered EV ARC system. This innovative charging solution features a solar array that tracks the sun for higher electricity generation and can charge up to six vehicles at once, all within a standard parking space. Beam's approach is unique as it generates and stores its own renewable energy, offering an alternative to the predominantly fossil fuel-powered utility grid. The company plans to expand its technology with a new product that combines solar and wind-generated EV charging integrated into streetlights. This expansion is part of Beam's strategy to improve EV charging infrastructure, particularly in urban areas where traditional charging options are limited. Beam Global, founded in 2006 and public since 2019, has recently expanded into Europe following the acquisition of a Serbian manufacturer. The company has also secured significant orders in the U.S., including a $7.4 million order from the Army. Beam's technology is seen as a solution to reduce reliance on utility grids and is part of a broader industry move towards integrating alternative, sustainable energy sources into EV charging solutions.

Source: Morning Brew

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Written by Ursa Nova

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