Grist's Izzy Ross reporting on the end use of solar panels. 

The article discusses the growing concern about the disposal and recycling of solar panels, highlighting that the majority of worn-out panels currently end up in landfills. As solar power becomes more prevalent, the issue of solar waste is becoming more pressing. Researchers like Annick Anctil have been advocating for more sustainable and recyclable solar technologies, but have faced challenges in gaining support and funding. The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that solar waste could amount to 54 to 160 million metric tons in the coming decades. The U.S. has no federal requirements for recycling solar panels, leading to a patchwork system with only about 10% of panels being recycled. The process of recycling is complicated and expensive, involving the separation of various components like glass, silicon, and metals. Efforts to improve the situation include developing longer-lasting and more reliable panels, exploring reuse options before recycling, and incorporating solar panels into universal waste programs for easier collection and recycling. The article suggests that policy intervention is crucial for establishing a more coordinated and effective system for solar panel reuse and recycling.

Source: Grist

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Written by Ursa Nova

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