CNBC's Silvia Amaro is reporting that shipping giant Maersk unveils world’s first vessel using green methanol. 

Maersk, a major shipping company, has introduced the world's first container vessel powered by green methanol, marking a significant development in the effort to reduce emissions in the shipping industry. This container ship, ordered in 2021, is equipped with two engines: one using traditional fuels and another running on green methanol, which is derived from biomass or captured carbon and hydrogen from renewable sources. Compared to diesel-based ships, this vessel emits 100 tons less carbon dioxide per day.

Maersk CEO Vincent Clerc emphasized the importance of this milestone in their energy transition, demonstrating concrete progress towards sustainability. This innovation has sparked a trend in the industry, with 125 similar ships ordered by different companies in just a few years.

Shipping is responsible for around 3% of global carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to pollution. However, achieving decarbonization in the sector has been challenging due to its global nature and competitiveness.

The industry has also faced difficulties in securing a consistent supply of green methanol, which is currently scarce and expensive to transport. Maersk has signed agreements with multiple green methanol suppliers worldwide to address this issue.

Ultimately, this development is a crucial step in reducing emissions in the shipping industry, which plays a pivotal role in global trade and contributes significantly to carbon emissions.

Source: CNBC

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Written by Ursa Nova

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