Climate change is a global issue that becomes more pressing each day.

Appropriately, you will see a barrage of news reports, scientific articles, and opinion pieces on the devastating consequences of the average global temperature increasing by 1.5 degrees Celsius—flash droughts in Asia and Australia, wildfires in North America, the flooding in Pakistan, the collapse of the Greenland ice sheets and the displacement of millions of human beings in climate hotspots. 

However, rather than spending Earth Day decrying this wicked problem, we want to highlight real progress being made every day. At Ursa Nova, we are optimistic about the future and want to share that view with you. New innovations and sizable investments across various sectors energize our belief in climate solutions that will transform our world.  

Let’s start with energy. Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, and hydropower, continue to get cheaper and have even dropped below the price of fossil fuels in various parts of the world. According to some recent estimates, the global renewable energy market itself is projected to be worth $2.15 trillion by 20252. Growth in this sector will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and improve air quality!

Transportation is being electrified and offering a solution to move away from fossil fuels. Like energy, electric vehicles are steadily becoming cheaper for consumers. There are over ten million electric vehicles on the road worldwide3. Enhancements to public buses and trains are also reducing emissions in dense urban areas. Looking beyond the street level are companies like Archer and Joby Aviation which are developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and leading the way to a faster world. 

Sustainable agriculture practices, such as regenerative agriculture and precision farming, that help to sequester carbon and promote soil health are finding vast swaths of capital—some estimate that money managers and institutional investors have devoted $4.5 trillion in this area4. For individuals, shifts to plant-based diets help cut back on resource-intensive products and reduce the water, energy, and money spent in the industry.

Biomaterials are receiving more attention. Advancements in seaweed, mushroom, and plant-based material development are paving the way for biodegradable alternatives to everlasting plastics. By being mindful of a material’s lifecycle, we can reduce waste, pollution, and the costs to produce and dispose of traditional plastics. Companies like TemperPack and ProAmpac are making headway in the packaging world, which could benefit the $6 trillion e-commerce market5.

Solving climate change allows us to create a safer world. We can avoid trillions of dollars in damage from destructive storms and mitigate geopolitical issues and conflicts that are exacerbated by rising temperatures.

“Sustainability” to us represents a shift to more eco-conscious design, greater efficiencies, and an improved collective quality of life. We believe entrepreneurship and innovation are the answers to the climate crisis. Since launching, we’ve seen inspiring products sold across our marketplace that are the result of founders seeking to do right by human beings and the planet. We are driven by a mission to source products that do the same. 

Climate change is a species-level problem that requires effort from individuals from all walks of life. With your help and commitment to “Buy Better,” we can write the next bright chapters of life on Planet Earth.

Al & Kevin



Written by Ursa Nova

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