Morning Brew's Erin Cabrey reporting on sustainability efforts at YSL.

YSL Beauty has significantly advanced its sustainability efforts through the Rewild Our Earth initiative, initially launched in Morocco and now extending to global regions including the Bahamas and Colombia. Inspired by the natural landscapes that contributed to its founder's creativity, YSL Beauty focuses on ecosystem restoration and biodiversity protection, collaborating with the NGO Re:wild. The initiative, which began by cultivating essential cosmetic ingredients like pomegranate and vanilla, has expanded its scope to include protecting endangered species and supporting local communities. By the end of 2023, the brand aims to be halfway toward its goal of restoring 100,000 hectares of wilderness by 2030. In addition to these environmental efforts, YSL Beauty is also focusing on reducing its internal impact with strategies like refillable packaging, emphasizing sustainability across various facets of its operations.

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Source: Morning Brew

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