Reuters's Kate Abnett, Valerie Volcovici and David Stanway are reporting that COP28 enters crunch time with countries at odds over fossil fuels.

As the COP28 climate talks in Dubai enter a crucial phase, U.N. climate chief Simon Stiell urged countries to reach a final deal, emphasizing the high stakes involved in the decision to phase out fossil fuels. While progress has been made in resolving some disagreements, Stiell highlighted the dire consequences of any reduction in ambition. Over 80 countries, including the U.S., the EU, and small island nations, are advocating for a historic agreement to phase out fossil fuels, a goal that has eluded U.N. summits for 30 years. However, they face strong opposition, notably from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members, who argue against targeting specific energy sources and instead emphasize reducing emissions.

U.N. Secretary General António Guterres has reiterated his call for commitment to the 1.5°C warming limit and an end to the fossil fuel era, emphasizing the need for climate justice. The COP28 President, Sultan al-Jaber, has set a deadline of Tuesday for reaching an agreement. Despite the growth of renewable energy, fossil fuels still produce around 80% of the world's energy, underlining the challenge in achieving a consensus among the nearly 200 countries present at the summit. Singapore's environment minister, Grace Fu, acknowledged some progress but noted significant gaps in finding a solution. The outcome of the talks remains uncertain, with key players like Russia, Iraq, and Iran also reportedly resisting a phase-out of fossil fuels. 

Source: Reuters

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