CNN's Laura Paddison and Robert Shackelford are reporting on extreme weather in Europe. 

Europe is facing a severe weather crisis at the start of the new year, with some countries grappling with devastating floods while others endure extreme cold. In the UK, heavy rainfall has led to numerous flood warnings, and a party boat sank in London's River Thames due to adverse weather. Additionally, a canal breach in East London necessitated firefighting efforts, and a major incident was declared in Nottinghamshire due to rising river levels. This comes after Storm Henk hit southern UK, causing a fatality. France also experienced intense flooding, leading to power outages, evacuations, and one death. In Germany, persistent flooding prompted Chancellor Olaf Scholz to visit Saxony-Anhalt, with the military distributing sandbags. Meanwhile, an Arctic blast has brought record-low temperatures and heavy snow to Scandinavia, causing chaos on roads and necessitating rescue operations. These extreme weather events are attributed to climate change, which is making heavy rainfall more frequent and intense, and last year was recorded as the hottest globally.


Source: CNN

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Written by Ursa Nova

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