CNN's Rhea Mogul and Aishwayra Iyer is reporting on climate change and it's impact on India. 

In India, extreme heat is causing a critical dilemma. As temperatures soar, the demand for air conditioners (AC) is skyrocketing, expected to increase nine-fold by 2050. This rise in AC usage, while providing essential relief from the heat, is contributing to higher carbon emissions and worsening the climate crisis. India, home to 1.4 billion people, is already facing severe impacts from the heat, with temperatures reaching dangerous levels, schools closing, crops damaging, and energy supplies being pressured. The country, one of the world's fastest-growing economies, is grappling with the challenge of balancing development and environmental protection.

While ACs are essential for wellbeing in hot regions, they often use HFCs, potent greenhouse gases, and consume large amounts of electricity, typically generated from fossil fuels. India did not join the COP28 pledge to cut emissions from cooling systems, highlighting the difficult balance between development needs and environmental sustainability. The situation is worsened by India's still-growing urban population and rising incomes, increasing the demand for cooling. S

ustainable solutions like passive cooling strategies and renewable energy are being explored, but the immediate need for AC in the face of extreme heat remains a pressing issue for many Indians.

Source: CNN

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Written by Ursa Nova

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