Bloomberg's Kendra Pierre-Louis, Eric Roston, and Zahra Hirji are reporting that a new report is warning about major economic and national risk by climate change. 

A major government report finds climate-fueled dangers like wildfires and heat waves are on the rise across the country. So are efforts to reduce emissions and make communities more resilient.

The latest National Climate Assessment from the United States presents a stark picture of worsening climate change impacts across the country, with increasing occurrences of wildfires, heatwaves, storms, and floods due to global warming. This comprehensive 2,000-page report, involving about 750 contributors, asserts that urgent and substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed to mitigate these dangers. It emphasizes the present reality of climate change and its diverse impacts across different regions of the U.S., affecting health, agriculture, and the economy. The report also highlights ongoing efforts at various levels to adapt to and mitigate these changes, including the adoption of clean energy technologies and climate-resilient practices. However, the pace of these efforts is deemed insufficient to avert the crisis. Additionally, the report, for the first time, dedicates a chapter to the economic impacts of climate change and underscores the disproportionate effects on marginalized communities, emphasizing the need for climate justice. The release of this report comes ahead of the global climate conference COP28 and amidst the Biden administration's efforts to address climate change, including significant investments in clean energy and infrastructure modernization. Despite a decline in U.S. emissions since 2007, the country remains a major emitter, and the report calls for more profound global efforts to combat climate risks.

Source: Bloomberg

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Written by Ursa Nova

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