Morning Brew's Jordyn Grzelewski writing for Tech Brew is reporting on how EV's challenge operating in cold weather. 

The article highlights challenges faced by the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry during cold weather, emphasizing the need for improved reliability to encourage EV adoption. EVs experienced difficulties such as long lines at charging stations, dead batteries, and reduced battery range in Chicago's extreme cold, with temperatures dropping to 30 degrees below zero. ChargePoint CEO Rick Wilmer and other industry executives acknowledge that while early EV adopters may tolerate these issues, mainstream consumers have lower tolerance. Solutions include ensuring chargers can withstand extreme temperatures and educating drivers on best practices, like charging at home overnight. The article also notes that Norway serves as a successful example of operating EVs in cold climates, attributed to its robust charging infrastructure and driver familiarity with EVs. Additionally, FLO's chief product officer, Nathan Yang, pointed out that charger unreliability is a broader issue, not limited to cold weather, and calls for industry-wide improvements in reliability and uptime.

Source: Morning Brew

(This article was written with assitance from ChatGPT)

Written by Ursa Nova

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