CNBC's Rebecca Picciotto is reporting on California solar farms. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom has approved a bill, SB 49, which authorizes the state's Department of Transportation to develop guidelines for installing solar panels, battery storage, and other renewable energy facilities along highways. The bill aims to utilize empty land along California's 250 state highways, totaling over 15,000 miles, to generate one gigawatt of potential solar energy.

This energy could power more than 270,000 California homes. The initiative will assess the feasibility of highway-side renewable energy projects and establish a leasing process for interested entities. The move is part of California's efforts to expand renewable energy production, create green jobs, and reduce pressure on the state's desert regions, where many solar panels are currently located. Several other states have already implemented similar roadside renewable energy projects.

SB 49 was one of the climate bills signed by Gov. Newsom, which also included corporate disclosure measures related to carbon emissions and climate change impacts.

Source: CNBC

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