CNBC's Saheli Roy Choudhury is reproting on the sustainability of EVs. 

The article discusses the environmental impact of electric vehicles (EVs) and their role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It acknowledges that while EVs are indeed 'greener' than traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, their environmental benefits are complex and multifaceted. The manufacturing process of EVs, especially batteries, is energy-intensive and still reliant on fossil fuels, contributing to higher initial emissions compared to conventional vehicles. However, over their lifetime, EVs have a lower carbon footprint due to their higher energy efficiency and reduced emissions during operation. The article highlights that the full environmental potential of EVs will be realized when electricity grids transition to renewable energy sources. This shift is projected to significantly reduce the emissions from EVs by 2050. Additionally, the article addresses challenges in battery production, including unethical mining practices and geopolitical issues in the supply chain. The need for improved recycling of batteries and the decarbonization of electricity grids are emphasized as crucial steps towards maximizing the environmental benefits of EVs. Finally, the article suggests that a holistic approach involving societal changes, such as increased use of public transportation and alternative travel modes, is necessary alongside the adoption of EVs to effectively combat climate change.

Source: CNBC

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Written by Ursa Nova

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