AP News's Peter Prengaman is reporting on 5 major reasons why COP28 are worth your attention. 

The annual U.N. climate talks, known as the Conference of Parties (COP), often leave many people confused or indifferent, partly due to their complex and non-binding nature. However, these talks, currently in their 28th iteration in Dubai, play a crucial role in global climate efforts. They exert peer pressure through the development of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), where countries outline their plans to reduce fossil fuel use and adapt to climate impacts. The talks also set clear goals, such as the Paris Agreement's target to limit global warming to 1.5-2 degrees Celsius. These discussions frame debates and influence policies worldwide, like the Biden administration's climate goals in the U.S. and criticisms of new oil drilling projects. COP27 marked a significant step by establishing a fund for developing nations to adapt to climate change, acknowledging the disproportionate impact they face. Despite the slow pace and lack of binding decisions, COP talks have contributed to a shift towards a better environmental trajectory, reducing the projected global warming from 4 degrees Celsius to around 2-2.5 degrees Celsius by 2100. The COP remains the primary global forum for addressing climate change, offering a platform for diverse voices and perspectives in the fight against climate change.

Source: AP News


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Written by Ursa Nova

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