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AP News: UN Highlights 2020 Climate Change Impacts Ahead of December 12 Meeting

Seth Borenstein and Frank Jordans of AP News has reported that the UN has updated its warnings about the threat of climate change as its implications on the future of the planet. WMO Secretary-General Petteri Taalas has stated that there is an also increased risk the world passes 1.5 degrees C by 2024 and urged leaders to take action. 

Amongst the examples of climate change the UN has highlighted in 2020 include: 

Among the dozens of extremes the report highlighted:

-- A record 30 Atlantic named tropical storms and hurricanes.

--Death Valley, California, hit 129.9 degrees (54.4 degrees Celsius), the hottest the world has seen in 80 years.

--Record wildfires struck California and Colorado in the western United States, following a major fire season and record heat in Australia.

--The Arctic had record wildfires and a prolonged heat wave culminating in a 100-degree mark (38 degrees Celsius) in Siberia in June.

--Record low Arctic sea ice was reported for April and August and the yearly minimum, in September, was the second lowest on record.

--More than 2,000 people died in record summer rains and flooding in Pakistan and surrounding nations.


The UN is set to meet virtually on December 12 to discuss climate change and solutions. 


It is clear to us around the world that climate change is getting worse. We must work together to limit the worst effects of this crisis. We, in California, are seeing extreme heat waves combined with wildfires that ravage the state. Besides the billions of dollars in damages, human lives are at stake and we need to act fast!

Source: AP News


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