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Kaiser Permanente: 3 health benefits of fiber

Kaiser Permanente has posted some excellent information on 3 health benefits of fiber. 

Cardiologist Mingsum Lee, MD, and registered dietitian Stephanie Burke, MS, RD, at Kaiser Permanente share the many benefits of fiber — and tips on how to add fiber to your day.

Fiber has many health benefits.

Promotes heart health

“Fiber lowers your risk factors and reduces your risk of developing heart disease,” says Dr. Lee. “If you already have heart disease, fiber reduces your risk of dying from heart disease.”

Helps with weight management

“Fiber can help keep you full longer. And learning to listen to your body’s signals of hunger and fullness is a part of intuitive eating — which can help you have a healthy relationship with food,” says Burke.

Lowers cholesterol

Eating soluble fiber — the kind found in beans and oats — is a great way to lower your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol — also known as “bad” cholesterol.

Kaiser's Tips for eating more fiber:

The great part about this article is that is says that many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans have fiber so it shouldn't be super bad to incorporate into your diet.  Here are simple steps Kaiser recommends you can take to eat more fiber: 

Add fiber to every meal. “Spread fiber out throughout the day,” says Burke. “Try to include a fruit, vegetable, or other plant-based food, such as oatmeal with breakfast, whole wheat bread on your sandwich at lunch, and beans with dinner.”
Focus on whole grains. What’s the number one tip for heart health? “Eat more whole grains,” says Dr. Lee. They recommend that instead of white bread or refined pasta, try farro or quinoa as the base of your next meal.

Snack smart. Keep healthy foods on hand, such as avocados and fresh berries, so you’ll have heart-healthy options. Not sure how much fiber is in your food? Kaiser recommends that you look at food labels, which will tell you the amount of fiber in a product — along with the Percent Daily Value (%DV).

Source: Kaiser Permanente


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