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CNN: The first 3D-printed housing community in the US is being built in the California desert

CNN's David Williams is reporting that the first 3D-printed housing community in the US is being built in the California desert. 

Developers in Southern California are building what they say will be the first 3D-printed zero net energy neighborhood in the United States.

Palari Group said it plans to build 15 eco-friendly 3D-printed homes on a five-acre parcel of land in Rancho Mirage, an upscale community in the Coachella Valley, near Palm Springs.

The 1,450 square foot, single-story homes will be made from a stone composite material that is strong, fire resistant, water resistant and termite proof, Palari Group founder and CEO Basil Starr told CNN.

The homes will be made of modular panels that are printed out by their partner Mighty Buildings at a facility in Oakland and are assembled at the building site "kind of like Lego blocks," Starr said.

Starr said his company, which is focused on sustainable building techniques, turned to 3D printing because it is less wasteful.
"In wood frame construction there's a significant waste that is generated for the home that's being built, it's about two tons of waste that goes into landfills," Starr said. "And with 3D printing, it's a revolutionary way of building that completely eliminates that unnecessary waste."
Bathrooms, cabinets and other interior materials that can't be 3D printed are sustainably sourced. 
The three-bedroom, two-bathroom homes will come with a deck and a swimming pool and will have a starting price of $595,000. Buyers will be able to add a smaller, two-bedroom, one-bath secondary residence on the property for another $255,000.
All energy needs will be supplied by solar power, and owners will have the option to install other options like the Tesla Powerwall, fire pits, cabanas and outdoor showers. 
The average owner-occupied home value in Rancho Mirage is $825,738, according to the city's website. Palari Group said it plans to break ground in September and complete the project by Spring 2021. 
Starr said that once construction begins, the company will be able to move more quickly than with traditional construction.
Mighty Buildings, he said, can print the panels for the houses at the same time they build roads, foundations and install utilities at the site.
Potential buyers have already put down $1,000 refundable deposits to get a spot on the reservations list, Starr said. Palari Group is looking at building additional developments in Rancho Mirage and possibly other parts of California.
Rancho Mirage isn't the only 3D-printed home project making news.
    Last month, a company called SQ4D Inc. listed a 3D-printed house in Riverhead, New York, on Zillow with an asking price of $299,999.
    Austin-based construction technology company ICON is working with Kansas City developer 3Strands to build four 3D printed homes in East Austin that are scheduled to be move-in ready by in June or July.
    Our Take and Why You Should Care: 
    As rents soar across the United States and people leave major cities for the suburban life, house prices are sky rocketing. 3D printing will hopefully lower the price tags so home ownership can once again become affordable. 
    What is very exciting about this project is it's emphasis on eco friendly building materials and energy. Energy comsumption are some of the biggest contributors to global warming and energy efficient homes will be a key tool to the many solutions to combat climate change. 
    We love that the houses are 3D printed as less waste will go into building these homesand we definitely appreciate the sourcing of sustainable materials for things that can't be 3D printed. 
    We love this and applaud the new model as a great tool to combat climate change!
    Source: CNN Business

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