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Chiropractic Guide By Wunderwell

Our friends at Wunderwell (www.wunderwell.com) have produced a series of incredible guides to wellness that might be helpful in these stressful times. Please see their latest post on the benefits of Chiropractic


Headaches, back pain, and neck pain cause millions of patients to seek out professional intervention each year. Chiropractic is a form of therapy among others like physical therapy (both alternatives to pain medication) that has shown to deliver relief in adults for lower back pain, migraine and headache, neck pain, joint pain, and dizziness. Whether you’re a little skeptical when it comes to chiropractic or are a loyal advocate, learning about the research behind the practice will help in understanding the benefits of a good chiropractic treatment.

Established in 1895, the chiropractic profession deals with pathologies of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. The term “chiropractic” is derived from the Greek word root meaning “done by hand”. Doctors of Chiropractic rely on drug-free, hands-on methods of diagnostics and healing. Because of this natural approach to pain relief, chiropractic is a great complement or alternative to a prescription-based treatment from a medical doctor. Chiropractic is regulated by law and licensing boards. Chiropractors attend accredited four-year doctoral graduate programs and are required to pass a national licensing exam before practicing in the profession.

Chiropractic adjustment is the use of spinal manipulation, the application of force to a spinal joint, commonly implemented to treat lower back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

Spinal manipulation, also known as “chiropractic manipulation” or “chiropractic adjustment,'' is the most popular and evidence-based therapy offered in chiropractic. Following acute trauma or persistent musculoskeletal stresses such as those related to behavior or posture, tissue injury can occur leading to an inflammatory response, discomfort and pain, and reduced mobility. Chiropractic healing attempts to alleviate these issues, restore the tissue, and increase mobility.

Chiropractors are also knowledgeable about therapeutic management and will recommend rehabilitative exercises to their patients in addition to nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Chiropractors often harmonize chiropractic musculoskeletal treatment with science-driven healing like massage therapy, or work in collaboration with massage and physical therapists as well as doctors and acupuncturists.

Practices like Movement Chiropractic offer data-driven musculoskeletal treatment with a focus on efficient care. In accordance with these goals, the practice follows new research and technologies in chiropractic to provide the premier-quality sessions for patients.

Fortunately, health insurance plans usually cover chiropractic visits. Chiropractic treatment, typically quick sessions, aims for a positive patient response after just a few sessions typically spanning no more than several weeks.

The effectiveness of chiropractic methods in the treatment of lower back pain has been accepted for years, and recent studies have affirmed the ability of manual manipulation to provide relief including a 2017 systemic review of spinal manipulative theory in the Journal of American Medicine. Chiropractic has demonstrated efficacy for lower back pain, migraine and headache, neck pain, joint pain, and dizziness.

Chiropractic manipulation has also been demonstrated to shine when done in tandem with standard medical care. Asking your doctor for a chiropractic recommendation is a great way to find an accredited practice that will work with your traditional medical treatments to give the best results.

A study demonstrated that chiropractic treatment or light exercise were both more effective treatments for neck pain relief than drugs. According to the study’s author, Dr. Gert Bronfort, the benefits experienced by the spinal manipulation patients over the medication group persisted a year later. Although chiropractic holds a negative reputation for some, Gallup Inc. polling found that Americans like their chiropractors, with about half of adults reporting that they had sought out the services of a chiropractor before, including 14% in the last 12 months.

As the data shows, going to a conservative, research-oriented chiropractor can offer diagnostics, drug-free pain relief, and musculoskeletal healing to patients unsatisfied with the other options from their traditional medical treatments. If you are new to the chiropractic world, make sure to do your research when it comes to finding a qualified chiropractor who will work to help your specific needs.

Source: Wunderwell


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