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Advice from A Shopify Storyteller: 9 Self-Care Strategies for Busy Entrepreneurs (And Busy People)

As illustrated in an article by Shopify's Dayna Winter, self-care is a term that has been traditionally used in health care to describe self-initiated actions to stay healthy, prevent disease, and manage long-term illnesses. It encompasses basic physical human needs like sleep, food, and water and emotional needs like social interaction.

Self-care sets you up to be mentally, emotionally, and physically equipped to handle the demands of a small business. The cost of not taking care of yourself is much greater in the long run.

Invest in future you, and ultimately your business, by practicing self-care.

Here are 9 quick tips put together by Dayna that would help you:

Take a breath
Minimize stress through exercise
Get quality sleep
Eat well
Seek human interaction
Get outside
Create a workspace you love
Treat yourself
Check in with your mental health


As small business owners, we absolutely agree with Dayna and thank her for her suggestions. It can be incredibly stressful juggling mulitple tasks and priorities at once for both customers and business partners- therefore mental and physical health are super important to survive and thrive. 

Source: Shopify


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